Functions of Management

Functions of Management
Where management is concerned, four common aspects exist within all companies regardless of size or organization. The function of these aspects is to provide order and smooth operation. The four common aspects are: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. The four different aspects of business management exist so that businesses can accomplish specific goals so that the business is successful. (Bateman, 2009)
The first function, planning, is the base or foundation upon which all other functions should build. Without proper planning a businesses??™ foundation will end up crumbling due to the weight of the other three functions. Planning takes a quick picture of the past, the present, and provides insight into the future. Future planning will help management make sound decisions that will determine the course of action that needs to be taken in order to maintain and achieve a specific goal. The second function is organization. Management must be able to organize all departments and resources to take appropriate action on the decisions made in the planning stage. The third function, or leading, is another important management function. To be a good leader a manager must set forth an example that his or her employees will follow. To be a good leader, the manager must set goals and provide incentives to achievement by using the proper functions that this essay outlines. The last function is controlling the workforce. Controlling is a function that each manager must utilize to motivate his or her employees.
If a manager is successful in the four functions (planning, organization, leading, and controlling) then the business will also be successful. Managers need to remember that without proper planning even the best laid plans to accomplish specific tasks will crumble as the weight of the task and deadline presses. Currently at Batesville Tool and Die the planning function is very important to the success of the company since the metal industry is not as stable as in previous years. This instability is due to the recent decline in the customer base especially the automotive and aerospace bases. Staying ahead of new research is very important to Batesville Tool and Die so that the company can continue to reach new plateaus. Since Batesville Tool and Die is a global company many new factors exist outside of the company??™s control that affect planning. Therefore, research is essential to the company??™s survival in the global business world. Go to and make on order online
Organizing is another critical issue when a global environment is in consideration. On average Batesville Tool and Die produces 1.2 million dollars worth of metal stamping each week. Most of the products will end up on cars and in various types of kitchen appliances. Organization allows the company to provide an operation that runs smoothly and provides a service that can complete in a global world. Dedication of employees and management allows establishment within the global world and the team a way to overcome negative situations and achieve a positive outcome.
Batesville Tool and Die understands that management is what will lead the company into the next generation. As a result, senior management is careful to teach lower management the best way to achieve results with employees. The management team sets goals with the expectation that results will be shown within a certain amount of time and the company works hard to achieve those goals.
Control or quality is an area that Batesville Tool and Die expends a large amount of resources on to ensure the customers receive the best product available to the market. Controls are set forth in each department by the department heads. He or she will review those controls on a rotation every three months. After each review the department heads decide if those controls are still what the company needs to perform to the standards that are set forth by the industries. Even with strict quality policies, problems arise due to human error or oversight. For example an employee is welding a nut to another metal stamping and happens to drop the part on the floor around the area. The employee should place that part in the scrap hopper. Instead the employee welds the part and places the part in the correct dunnage (container) for shipping. The company now faces a quality issue because the part is no longer in tolerance due to small imperfections. Quality control is tantamount to the continuing success of every business.
At Batesville Tool and Die cost estimators work behind the scenes planning new projects and providing feedback to the management team. Cost estimators review the company goals that are set forth by the upper management and try and to work those goals into the area of expertise. A cost estimator must ensure that any information he or she provides to upper management is correct and organized. Being organized helps cost estimators prepare both themselves and the managers to keep up to speed regarding daily tasks in that area of the company.

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